Breath is the link between the body, mind, and spirit; conscious breathing practices help restore health and wellbeing and the very way in which we experience life…


“Once the mind becomes absolutely still, one’s intelligence transcends human limitations”– Sadhguru

Meditation practices to guide individuals to explore their highest potential…


Sessions can be arranged for small groups or individual practice

Certification Courses

Professional courses:

  • 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training (Yoga Alliance registered)
  • Foundation courses in:
    • Hatha Yoga
    • Vinyasa Krama
    • PreNatal Yoga

Workshops & Immersions:

Specially structured classes and programs to delve deeper into specific topics or practices. We also organize customized workshops and programs for corporate companies.


  • Reshma is a beautiful human who clearly lives and breathes yoga. It was wonderful to be in her presence and learn her immense knowledge and skills that she freely passes on. Her teaching style challenges you to think about the content and question any pre-conceived ideas. Her ability to bond with each student and allow them to learn and explore the content made the course so much more rewarding. It wasn't just a certificate we gained, but lifelong friends, teachers and support. Reshma and the teachers have continued to offer advice, support and inspiration since the course which is a real testament to her school.

    Jenae Louise Johnston Australia
  • I completed my YTT in October 2017 and I feel absolutely grateful for all the things that I learnt and how my own practice was deepened during the course. It was an amazing group of people so I felt right at home from day one. Reshy teaches with an in deep knowledge and experience and without the boundaries of a fixed style. She reminds you to listen to your own body. Nothing prepares you better for teaching than your own solid practice, but just after that comes the style of flexibility, improvisation and adjustment taught by Reshy. It has been an absolute joy and I am thankful for the journey together with Reshy where I also faced some of my demons on the mat. Much love – Namaste

    Anita Spring Levison Portugal
  • Reshy is an absolutely amazing teacher both in the practice and theory of yoga. Her passionate and thought provoking teaching is truly inspiring and always left me in awe and contemplation; she really encapsulates the mentality of yoga which made me feel peaceful and humble after every lesson, I sincerely learnt so much from her classes, she's a natural teacher. Her yoga classes are truly the best I've attended, no matter the theme your whole body feels absolutely stretched, strengthened and rejuvenated after. Always challenging, in a good way, which helped push me to my full potential and get the most out of the class while elevating my ability. I also found the postures particularly unique and just amazing really, after every class I felt so good it's almost indescribable, but just buzzing with energy and ready to take on the day. Reshy's a beautiful person and it was really an honour to be taught by her and take her classes.

    Holly Glanfield UK
  • Reshy is a divine teacher, I've learned so much from her. It was great to see how much thought she put into each lesson. Reshy is very professional on one hand and so tender and personal on the other. I hope that one day I will be a teacher as good as her!

    Idan Berlad Israel
  • What I appreciated most about Reshy and her classes was her deep sense of generosity. Reshy eagerly wanted to give all she knew and had experienced to her students. She would look at the clock and say,”we’ve got five more minutes, let’s talk about..,” She wanted to make the most of her time with students. Her segments started on time and were jam packed with gems I hardly had time to take note of. I hope to join another Reshy class soon.

    Lewanda Hardy US
  • I definitely recommend this school to any student seeking a yoga training that is intense, simple, clear, very informative, includes all the required topics, authentic and safe. Reshma ensures that a humble, equal, non-competitive ambiance is created and maintained throughout the course. Safety of the students and teaching safe and correct adjustments is very important to her. She never aims for a commercial appearance of any kind of practice especially in asana practice; rather make it safe and enjoyable. The training with Reshma was fun, integral and life changing. She incorporates the 8 limbs of yoga. She is very dedicated, giving and supportive.

    Jeanine Azar Lebanon
  • I did my 200RYT with this beautiful being Reshy.... I can’t express my gratitude enough for all what you have shared with us... Not only that you have put all your energy and experience to make sure you equipped us with everything we need to start our new journeys as yoga instructors... You taught us by being a great example of what a true humble “real” teacher is... Your respect and open mindedness to all schools and practices is very inspiring.. Thank You for everything... Forever grateful... Love & Light,

    Bayan Saudi Arabia
  • Reshma Datar is an excellent teacher, very knowledgeable, patient and brought new perspective to our yoga practice and knowledge. She taught us some really innovative ways of conducting a yoga class. It was a very enlightening experience with Atha. I learnt a lot, understood more in detail about various asanas and the breath which further added to my existing knowledge.

    Abhilasha Mishra India
  • Reshma is an exceptional teacher with a wonderful understanding of how yoga should be taught.

    Janice Henry South Africa
  • Reshma was one of the two main teachers of my 200h YTTC. We were a group of international students and Reshma led the classes for Philosophy, Anatomy, Pranayama, Pre- and Postnatal Yoga, Yoga Therapy and Yoga Business. She is a very gifted, enthusiastic teacher with a great sense of humour. We had really interesting discussions and since Reshma is very open-minded, each student with whatever background could share his/her experiences in class. This attitude and Reshma’s immense knowledge made the classes very special & I learned so much in these few weeks. Her teaching methods were versatile and showed her great competence, no matter if we had theoretical or practical themes in class. Moreover I like to mention that her approach to Yoga is holistic and therefore she supported every single student no matter whether we worked on physical or emotional/ spiritual topics. What makes her also special is her way to support you with an open heart and a lovely smile. Thank you, Reshy !!

    Kerstin Treite Germany
  • I was lucky enough to have Reshma as one of my teachers during my YTT200 course with Spiritual Yoga School in Thailand. Reshma really knows her stuff and she brings a sense of calm and comfort with her to whatever she does. I feel so safe around her. Reshma is a truly great teacher as in she is knowledgeable and has so much patient  for her students. Always making sure we understood and that we had time to take notes and ask questions. She is encouraging of you finding your own way on this journey and always making herself available when you have inquiries or just want to talk. And this is what makes Reshma so special. Because as well as being a great teacher, she is a great person. She is kind and supportive and comforting. A yoga teacher training is a journey. There is so much factual knowledge to attain in a short period of time. But the training also triggers an inner journey and you might find yourself facing things within yourself you didn't know was there. And this might cause some strong emotions to emerge. With a teacher like Reshma by your side, always ready to hold out a hand when you might need it, this journey will be such a great one

    Therese Kulle Australia, therese@melyoga.com.au
  • I met Reshy last winter when I came to India to study my 200hours Yoga Teacher Training. I have a big Fitness background and therefore, have had many different teachers and mentors throughout - However, Reshy was hands down the best I've ever had. She was so kind, friendly and open all of us ladies on the course knew we could ask her anything we needed, without feeling silly or judged. This was just Reshy in general everyday situations, as for her Yoga teaching - she was one of the greatest teachers I have ever had the privilege of learning from. Her classes are full of acceptance and understanding about the body and mind. She would push you, without you even realizing how hard you were working and digging. Everybody loved her classes, this was obvious when people would walk out with massive smiles on their faces and all they could talk about for the next hour was Reshy and the class she just delivered. I learnt so much from my short time with Reshy, I take a lot of her teachings into my own classes and I definitely get the same feedback. Therefore, I have to credit and thank Reshy in abundance for my own Yoga teaching success! Thank you Reshy, you will stay forever in my heart and mind!

    Holly May hollymay.fitness@yahoo.com
  • “It is such a great pleasure to receive training from Reshy. She is very knowledgeable about what she teaches & has so much passion in yoga. Reshy is open-minded, welcomes questions and patient. She had been supportive during the training and truly motivated me to continue exploring the path of yoga practice. I always think knowing how to transfer knowledge to students is more important than a teacher merely having strong physical skills but she has Both, what can I say!!! I definitely recommend her classes to students who love to learn in a respectful, interactive and fun environment.

    Natalie Hong Kong
  • As teacher of my YTTC , Reshma was for me an enlightening mentor and a constant inspiration. Her wide knowledge on yoga, on philosophy and her direct experience as a student and as a teacher make her a strong and influential guide for the students. Her teachings come from her heart and in this way she is able to infuse the true essence of yoga. Her love for all human beings and for the health lead her to yoga therapy which is a very important skill for anyone who wants to become a yoga teacher. Her wisdom, her human touch, her empathy and her boundless love for every living being make her a complete teacher and a wonderful person.

    Elisabetta Fiori Italy
  • Reshma Datar is truly a shining light. As the primary leader in my 200hr YTT with Oceanic Yoga, Reshy went above and beyond to ensure that her trainees were more than prepared as teachers. She is intelligent in the realm of yoga, and truly has a heart of gold. Reshy is undoubtably someone I would call a lifelong friend.

    Emily Polasik Bermuda
  • I am so grateful to have had Reshma as my teacher. She is one of the most kind, warm, and loving persons I've met. She is such an inspiration as a teacher as well as a human being. Reshma has a lot of knowledge and knows how to share that in a gripping and passionate way. She really helped us all grow to our full potential! Wish I could do it all over again!!!

    Menieke Holland
  • Reshma has great teaching skills. She's patient and shares her knowledge with great clarity and devotion. She is always open to any question from the students. She made me understand what yoga really means to me, because she makes the link between yoga philosophy and our modern daily life so well. Most important thing I learned from her is to be kind to myself: what a revolution! My Teacher training with her definitely changed my life. Thanks Reshy for all your taught me!

    Sophie France
  • "Reshma is a very experienced teacher, she explains things, asana's and philosophy with real life examples. She gives people the space to explore their own yoga journey. Always offering different ways of teachings with; video's, stories, new meditation techniques and theory. Above all I found Reshy authentic to her background and herself, something that is the basic of a wonderful yoga instructor." Thank you for being part of the beginning of my yoga journey, and I hope to see you again. Namaste

    Carly de Wit Netherlands


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